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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dressed for Safety

It's hunting season here in the Inland Northwest, and the frequency of gunshots has been increasing, particularly toward the top of our property, where our fenceline adjoins fallow land. Pepper's a roaming dog, enjoying nothing more than a multi-hour romp on our place, even after an hour walk on the lead. Following a neighbor's suggestion, I bought Pepper a blaze-orange safety vest at Cabela's. While the orange clashes with his markings, I still think he looks pretty good.

After a 20-minute ride to set up and adjust to my new indoor (garage) bike trainer, I took Pepper on a walk to our eastern fence line and back home again. Near the fence line, beneath a pine tree, I found this mud-daubed nest. Perhaps it's time to start collecting some of the natural bits and pieces on our land.

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