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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thank You, Betsy

In my last post, I recorded my astonishment at Kootnai County Community Development's decision to change our new house address from 4332 S. Stateline Rd. to 4338 when they issued the Certificate of Occupancy. Yesterday afternoon, I called the county employee whom I most trust, Planning Assistant Betsy Anderson and asked her if she could help me out. I'd worked with Betsy often about two years ago when our valley was fighting the proposed party barn just down the county road. When I needed some public records or information about the planning process, I called Betsy and always got the straight story.

This morning, Betsy called to tell me that the mapping office reversed itself and switched our house number back to 4332, and a new Certificate of Occupancy went out in the mail today. So, today, I registered our change of address with the U. S. Postal Service. When it becomes active in 10 days, I'll change our address for everything from to the Social Security Administration. Thanks, Betsy, you're the best.

Last night, Karen and I moved a few pieces of furniture into the house, and tonight Donovan and I moved in some of the heavy pieces we'd stashed in the new garage - some that we hadn't seen out of our storage unit in five years - and it all fits right where we thought it would. I will say, hauling my Stickley desk up to the second floor was a chore, and I still dread getting our oak headboard up the stairs - but, it's on the agenda for Saturday.

Tonight, we had our first meal in the new house - baked chicken, cinnamon roast potatoes, and sliced tomatoes. Some observations on the new kitchen: finally, clear, cold delicious well water, without the need for PUR filters; tons of cabinet and drawer storage; good spatial relationships among the refrigerator, sink, and cooktop; the KitchenAid wall oven cooks well, but has a relatively long preheat time; the KitchenAid cooktop works really well, and I love the downdraft vent; it is GREAT to have a dishwasher again, and Bosch makes it really quiet.

Pepper had a great time. He explored the house site - again, had a nice nap on the dining room carpet, and got some chicken skin to supplement his supper. Neither of the cats has been up yet, but we figure they'll spend a lot of time on the balcony.

I'll take him with me tomorrow to change our address with the tax office, moving the homeowner's exemption from the old house to the new one; registering the water rights for our well; and making a COSTCO run. Then, back to the move.

The day got away from me, but I'll be posting new photos soon.

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