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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Country Living = Work

It's been a dry summer after a very wet spring, including two days of torrential rain. Cable Creek, which runs through the western edge of our property, flowed hard and fast, swollen by the rains and snowmelt from the surrounding hills. Debris - blowdowns, deadfall, railroad ties, and silt jammed shattered the small dam Karen's father had built into the creek, and then jammed up the southern end of our small culvert. Water flowed across our front lawn, over the driveway, and then drained back into the creek on the other side of the large culvert.

During late August, I walked the creek in GORE-TEX-lined boots cleaning out the debris. I pulled out a trailer-load of yard trash, some of which I had to cut free with a chainsaw (don't try this at home, kids, and if you do, clean it out right away). I also took in a mini-sledge hammer and brick splitter to break up some of the concrete from the old dam.

Now, it's reasonably clear and ready for next spring.

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