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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Seven Days

The house site was a sea of pickup trucks today as the big push to finish the home project began, with seven days to go until final inspection; closing date is Sept. 19.

Sinking the well pump

This has been a big day for infrastructure, with a lot accomplished, but a few problems to be solved. The pump went down the well hole, followed by about 200 feet of pipe and wire, and hooked to a control panel on the north side of the house. But, we need to have some grading done around the well and house tomorrow; when Tim (from United Drilling) opened the hydrant to flush the well, the water flowed back toward the house and there's about two inches of water in the crawlspace. The well's now flushing down the opposite hillside through a garden hose.

Installing the cooktop downdraft vent
Erco Mechanical installed the heat pump (anyone familiar with Tempstar?) and the downdraft vent for the cooktop.

During the weekend, Karen and I moved in the clothes dryer, and my friend Dave and I moved in the washing machine.

Scott and Mike from Stratford moved in the refrigerator today. As God is my witness, I'm never moving appliances again! Well, that's not quite true. Tom, the finish carpenter, is still working on the laundry chute from the master bedroom closet to the laundry room, so I might have to muscle the washer and dryer around a bit one's he's done.

Tom's also working on details such as caulking baseboards, staining and installing stairway trim, screwing in doorstops, and adjusting doors for true. Last I saw him, he was trying to adjust the master bathroom pocket door, which isn't hanging right.

Downstairs bathroom -
with antique copper mirror

Scott's been doing a lot of cleanup and installing cabinet and drawer hardware, while overseeing the subcontractors on site.

Laundry chute being cut in.

Tomorrow, the exterior painting starts, our Internet service is installed, and the excavator comes back to fix his septic line installation; the drainfield lines are buried too deep, and will need to be adjusted, with additional inspections.

This weekend, I'm installing engineered hardwood on the stair treads and landings; final finish carpentry, cleanup, and bank inspection next week. Then, issuance of the certificate of occupancy - and we start moving in.

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  1. It looks great--I like the craftsman style lights and kitchen island.