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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Racing to the Finish Line

The temperature in Post Falls hit 95 today, and through it all, the Town Craft construction guys kept working on the siding, porch and balcony. I admire their youth, strength, and endurance, but I worry that, down the road, working in the hot sun all day with only tattoos covering their skin will lead to skin cancer. Fortunately, they can duck into the garage or under the trees for some relief, while draining water jugs and singing along to country music. I'm starting to think that DeWalt is truly the professional's tool of choice, with nearly all the contractors using their stuff, but Town Craft is the first crew I've seen using a DeWalt radio. Now that's a workingman's boom box.

Great Floors installers cutting a hole for
the island cook top
Today, Travis, owner of Town Craft, put up some temporary front steps, a marked improvement to the short blocks Karen and I have been hauling ourselves up to access the front porch and house. Eventually, they'll be replaced with the same material as our porch and balcony decking. We did a walk-through with Stratford's Mike Tinsley, showing him the counter tops Great Floors put in yesterday. Those guys did a nice job, with tight seam lines and smooth cutouts for the sinks and cook top. There are a few fixes and hurry-up stuff we asked Mike to do - staining and installing the corbels to support the weight of the island counter top (a couple of pieces of cut lumber are acting as temporary props); removing a piece of window trim that prevented installation of the kitchen counter top backsplash (and removing an unnecessary electrical outlet within the footprint of the backsplash - if code will allow it); caulking all the backsplashes where they join walls; rehanging a garage door that's off plumb; moving door chimes to the top of the hallway wall to give us more usable wall space; and increasing the angle of the stairway wall to mimic the rise of the stairs, which will make it easier for us to get large items like mattresses and box springs up to the second floor.
Island with granite counter top and
display shelves

A lot of other work has also been done during the past couple of days. The house and garage roofs are done; the balcony is fully supported, and the temporary supports have been removed; half of the interior lights have been installed, as has the air handling unit; we're wired for satellite TV and Internet service; water and waste connections have been made; most of the siding is up, as are the knees or corbels at the gable ends; and, today, the overhead garage door was installed.

We did our part by picking up half of the ceramic tile to be installed in the kitchen, bathrooms, mud room, and entry way, storing it in the garage for our neighbor, Dave Pielaet, to install probably next week; and tonight, now that we've got more home security, I'll be taking up the wall oven for the electrician to install along with the cook top. Only 22 days since the house modules were delivered; about 14-18 until we take occupancy. Wow.

Karen examining kitchen cabinets, counter tops, lights
Floor tile stacked for installation

Karen sitting on boxes of wood flooring
Garage door installed

Great Floors installers with marble for Karen's
counter tops
What the house looks like today

 Karen and I had been concerned that the construction process would upset the local wildlife, but we've seen several cow elk near the building site after the workmen had gone home. I can imagine sitting on our porch or balcony, drinking a cup of tea, and watching the elk migration and grazing deer.

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  1. Can't believe how fast it's going! It looks great!