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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Corporate Inspection

Yesterday afternoon, John Davis, president and CEO of Stratford Building Corp., came by to inspect our house. Actually, I think it was more a quality control check on Stratford and its subcontractors on the job. He seemed to be pleased, though there were a couple of minor fixes to be done that came to his attention. I was supportive of the Stratford team - particularly Mike Tinsley and Scott Dawson - as well as the many subcontractors that have done a really good job on our home.

Pepper's doggie door
Busy day, yesterday. I delivered the final load (a bit more than a ton) of travertine floor tiling for the bathrooms, kitchen, mud room, and entry way, and stored them in the garage which, I am pleased to say, now has a doggie door for Pepper. Since Scott was on site, I got him to help me (OK, I helped him) install the articulating TV mount and sound bar for the A/V system (look, ma, no wires!). With that done, the drywall folk sealed up the wall between the living room and Karen's study, burying all the stereo wires within the wall; taped, with mud. Today, he'll finish the drywall in the study and the firewall between the house and garage.

Garage, with sheetrocked fire wall and stacks of floor tile

Karen's study, sheetrocked, with fireplace insert
A/V center in the living room wired and ready to go

First tiling work

That afternoon, when I went up to walk Davis through the house, Dave Pielaet, our good friend, neighbor, and all-around construction guy, was just washing up from installing floor tile in the master bathroom. He's about half done, and should finish that room today.

When he is done and the bedroom floor has been cleaned, I'll begin putting down the 3/8" pre-finished, engineered wood flooring.

Travis and his guys are still working on the siding, and this morning he was working on covering the porch framing. Laying down the balcony and porch decking will wait until the house is painted next week, which is also the target time for Lish Excavating to trench the water and power lines and the septic system.

Later this week, the electrician will be up installing the rest of the lighting, as well as the wall oven and cooktop.

We had one disappointment. There's an electrical outlet in the kitchen in the footprint of where a piece of backsplash will be installed. We wanted to have it removed, but it's required by code and is a key inspection point for occupancy. Oh, well. Great Floors will have to split and seam the backsplash around the outlet. It's all coming together.

Pepper patrolling the front "yard"

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