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Monday, August 20, 2012

Gumming Up the Works

Waiting for the excavator to dig trenches for the water, electrical, propane, and sewage lines. He was supposed to have come Wednesday; didn't come. Thursday; didn't come. Friday; didn't come. Today; didn't come. He's gumming up the works for the well driller, electrician, gas company, and Internet provider. Maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime, Donovan and I finished putting down the hardwood flooring, and our good friend and neighbor Dave Pielaet laid the tile flooring and tile stair risers. We're holding off on laying wood on the stair treads (and stair nosing) until we've been able to move in the upstairs furniture. In theory, we're scheduled for the final bank inspection on August 27 and closure of the whole building project on Aug. 31 - a great way for Karen and me to celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary.

Donovan and I got the wood flooring in during the span of eight long, hot, sweaty, dusty days. Donovan, who had done some construction when younger, did all the difficult cuts around hallway and closet doorways, and shimmed up the transitions between the wood floors and the tile floors they join. He did a really nice job, and I really appreciate his time and effort. He'll be living with us, and eventually will inherit the house and land, but he did it all right because he wanted it done right. I over-ordered the flooring, so soon I'll be taking back the overage to Home Depot, keeping a box of wood and tile each, just in case.

Painters caulking window and siding seams.
In the meantime, the painters are here caulking all the exterior seams; and the plumber is on site. He's already installed the kitchen sink faucet and the hot water heater, and is getting ready to install the pedestal sink in the downstairs bathroom. I'm looking forward to the toilets, dishwasher, and refrigerator going in; it would be even better if we had electricity, running water, and a septic system.

Details of the caulking work.

It's nice to have that job done and the pressure off, being able to do things that need to be done at our own pace. I can feel the stress in my neck and shoulders winding down, and that's a good thing. This morning I cleaned up our work-site, tipped the wood ends and shards in the dumpster, and brought down all the tools we accumulated during the eight days of floor work.

The hot water heater is in... is the kitchen faucet.

The hallway from front door to living room

The living room floor is finished, playing host
to packets of baseboard

Later, Karen and I drove our truck and trailer to the storage unit we've rented for five years, bringing back a load of stuff we'll save, store in the garage, sell, or give to charity shops. We intend to be out of the storage unit by the end of August - and then it's into the new house.
Tiled stair risers

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