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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Construction Underway!

Went up to Rathdrum this morning to deliver a check to our builder and see whether construction on our modules was underway. Our designer, Mike Tinsley, was a bit late, so I took the opportunity to give Pepper his morning walk in an unfamiliar setting. Lots of new smells for him. Fortunately, we were nearly done and back at the truck when the heavens opened up.

Pepper loves riding in our 4-Runner

The small square space in the middle of the joists
is our entry to the crawl space beneath the house

Mike Tinsley, our designer, took this shot of me inspecting the floor assembly of the first module under construction.
 After Mike arrived and I gave him the check, we went into the factory - there it was. The first-floor module  that will include the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom and stairs. The floor joists and crawlspace entry were framed, and the PEX water tubing was being readied for insertion. Once this module floor is done, it will be hoisted, insulated, sealed, and moved up the line to make space for the first-floor module that will include the living room, dining room, and Karen's study. The module currently being worked on will be shifted to the side on rollers and readied for wall studs, sheetrock, cabinets, and more. The factory work should take fewer than 21 days; crane set for all four modules on our site is scheduled for July 10.
PEX water lines

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