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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Breton Athletes

Just got back with Pepper from our evening walk - and then played ball in the back yard for about 10 minutes. Tonight we walked on a long lead, and while he's still a bit weak on "Wait" he hit every "Out" with precision. I also discovered he likes bagels - as toys. Karen threw out a stale bagel for our visiting raccoon, and Pepper pounced on it when we started our walk, prancing as if he'd just found a quail (later on the walk he pointed a ground squirrel hole). He let me take it from him, and I threw it back to where he'd picked it up. Pepper went running after it and nearly jerked himself off his feet when he hit the end of the lead. But, we had a good walk.

Bernard Hinault
The more time I spend with Pepper, the more I've come to see him as an athlete. He's compact, strong, fast, intelligent, and tireless. In fact, he reminds me a lot of another Breton athlete, five time Tour de France champion Bernard Hinault, nicknamed "'Le Blaireau," the badger. And, when Pepper was digging his way out of the back yard, he reminded me more than a bit of a badger - without the bad temper.

Anyone else see the resemblance?

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