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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Show Me the Money!

After a couple of delays and several skirmishes with a calculator to determine how much money we'd already sunk into building our new house, today Karen and I initialed and signed the ream of paper required for closing on our construction loan. Thanks to Sarena at Global Credit Union and Rhonda at First American Title Co., it wasn't as harrowing an experience as it had been when purchasing our houses in Maryland and Wyoming. Tomorrow I drive back out to Coeur d'Alene to deliver the rest of our contribution to the actual cost of construction. Then, it's back to ordering appliances, flooring, lighting, etc., so we have it all ready when the house is delivered sometime in June. There's a certain lightness of being after emptying your bank account.

No excavation work yesterday due to heavy rainfall, but when we got back today from the title company, we saw that Lish was back on the job, backfilling the foundation, laying and compacting gravel on the garage pad in preparation for another concrete pour, and bringing in the backhoe for tomorrow's work - filling the electrical trench and digging in the septic field; there's a pile of plastic pipe just waiting for interment.

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