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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Moving at Warp Speed

After months and months of planning, the house construction is moving along at warp speed. The foundation is done! On Monday, the Foundation Kings finished pouring the foundation walls, through the forms and over the rebar and vents. The forms came down yesterday, and the Kings debarked for their construction castle. Meanwhile, Stratford Construction set up for temporary power in preparation for today's work.

Kootenai Electric Cooperative was up on our place to start the electrical work. They delivered the power module, installed the transformer, and dropped off the line truck and two telephone poles. Tomorrow morning, they'll install the poles, run the wire through the conduits that are already in place in the line trench, and hook up the temporary power, which will be switched on after Lish Excavating finishes the foundation and trench backfill on Monday.

The actual construction of the housing modules starts up in the Stratford factory on June 4.

In the meantime, we've been working with Global Credit Union to finalize our construction loan (scanning and e-mailing a whole host of documents and receipts for house-oriented purchases we've made so far); we'll probably be signing the closing documents tomorrow. Yay!

And, we've been shopping for countertops for two of the three bathrooms (the third will have a pedestal sink). This is what we're looking out right now.  It's called "Blue Fire." Really nice.

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