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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Morels That Grow in the Spring, Tra-la

The first morels of the season. Just as happened last year, Karen found the first one. Small first-day harvest, but the ground is still mostly cold and damp. Unlike last year, we found these on the western slope of our hills; last year, they were all on the northern slope. With any luck, we'll have a great morel year once the ground begins to warm. These beauties will be part of tonight's supper, sauteed in butter and served with huckleberry-glazed pork chops (thanks for the marmalade, Erin), steamed broccoli, and vine-ripened (but store-bought) tomatoes.

The rain has been good for our meadows and hills, but has caused a minor delay in home construction. Excavation had been set to begin tomorrow, but now will begin on Monday - rain or shine. Yesterday, we paid the first 40 percent of construction costs and picked up the construction schedule. If all goes well, we'll have walk-through and final inspection mid-August. There's a good chance we'll be spending our 32nd wedding anniversary (August 31) moving in.

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