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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Things That Go Beep

Last night, Karen woke me from a deep sleep. "Something's beeping," she said. I didn't hear it, turned over, and went back to sleep. Repeat. Repeat again, but this time I heard it. After shuffling around the house for about 15 minutes, I figured out what it was. That got me thinking about things that go "beep," and there are way too many for my liking:
  1. The refrigerator (when door stays open)
  2. The microwave oven (when you do anything)
  3. The wall oven (setting temperature or time, or when either is reached)
  4. The clothes washer
  5. The clothes dryer
  6. My cell phone
  7. Karen's cell phone
  8. My bike computer
  9. My digital watch (on alarm or timer)
  10. My insulin pump (last night's culprit)
  11. My old VW (when door left open)
  12. Karen's new Subaru (ALL the time)
Wishing I could still step out on to the balcony and nap in my hammock, with only the tinkling of Pepper's dog tags as background music.

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