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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Project #1 - Done!

So, what have I been doing the past month, other than logging miles on my bike? Finishing the front walkway. And, as of today, it's done!

After building up a low spot in the walkway with thicker rocks, yesterday I filled in the spaces among the rocks with dirt piled up from scraping the ground from the concrete deck pad to the gravel driveway and used rocks that were too thick for the walkway to line the path. More filling and brushing today (in 94-degree heat), and a light hosing to pack the dirt.

All of the rocks, in and flanking the walkway, are from our property. Couldn't have done it without an ATV, trailer, and crowbar. Oh, yeah, Tylenol, Diet 7-Up and Glucerna bars.

Next up, gathering large flagstones from a neighbor's to prepare for building a patio for the grill that's still down at my stepson's house. Should be barbecuing again this football season.

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