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Monday, October 15, 2012

Extreme Closeup

I mentioned in my last post that we bought and positioned a trail camera to see if we could catch a photo of the bear that left the scat Pepper rolled in last week. On Saturday, we captured 24 pictures - of me setting up the camera. Yesterday, I moved the camera to where Karen said Pepper had rolled, down by a big baking apple tree. This morning, on my way down to the old house to feed Pete, the stray black cat who'd adopted us a couple of years ago, I pulled the SD card and brought it back to download the 89 images the camera had recorded.

Many were of Karen picking apples, but then, there were some night shots. A deer, literally caught in the lights. And, a bear, in extreme closeup. Too close for details, but that's a serious bear silhouette. I think we'll re-position the camera again today, moving it back some. Still, this was a nice 62nd birthday present.

Deer in the flash
Da bear

Today, Karen and I are going to an Ethiopian restaurant for lunch, and then to Trader Joe's in Spokane (there are rumors that one might be coming to Coeur d'Alene, but I don't think there's enough population in the Post Falls/CDA "metroplex." And, I'll continue my long-term music project.

I used to house my many CDs in an antique armoire in our living room. Now, Karen's using the armoire in her study, and I re-installed a CD player and receiver in the furniture for her.

My CDs are homeless. Rather than buy new media storage for the CDs, I decided to transfer them all to MP3. There's a 160 GB iPod on the way from, but I've started ripping them to my computer hard drive for transfer to the iPod. Later this week, I'll see about getting an iPod jack installed in my 1999 VW.

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