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Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's the Little Things

One of the joys (I hope) of building a new home is the ability to select your own materials, and by doing so to capture both your own personality and your particular sense of place. Karen and I have been collecting Arts & Crafts furniture, artwork, and objects d'art for most of our 31-year marriage, but we've never had an Arts & Crafts-style house in which to display them to full advantage. Our new home will be in the Craftsman style, with appropriate lighting, tile, and hardware. We're building up in the hills on the middle 26-acre parcel of our property. It's on a high point among large pine and fir trees, and the exterior colors will reflect the trunks and canopies of these evergreens. Even small details, like this doorbell surround will reflect the landscape and our building style.

Having signed our building contract and having locked in a construction loan rate (with pre-approval), we've started purchasing the hardware for the house, including locksets, doorknobs, and pocket-door pulls. This doorbell surround was the first item to arrive in the mail. More to come.

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